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1.Djema Grozdanova Prevalence of dental caries in children between 6 and 18 years from city Sofia.

2. Tresi Luan Economic evaluation for restoration of baby teeth and the permanent ones with caries in children aged 6-8 years.

3. Fejzuli Еroll Morbidity of first permanent molar in school children.

4. Nazifi Аbdylnadi The need for restoration of caries at school children aged 6 -15 years.

5. Rendzova Vasilka The influence of the dentin on the antimicrobial effect of different restorative materials.

6. Sabetim Çerkezi Open bite and malocclusion of class II as possible risk factors in the ethio-pathogenesis of the gingival inflammation.

7. Vjosa Hamiti Impact of local application of clindamycin in preventing edema and pain after removal of third mandibular molar.


    Pediatric oral health care is part of the health policy in Bulgaria. Its realization includes legislative, economic and social measures involving dentists, parents and teachers Some of the tasks ,included in the European 2020 health strategy involve improving the system for collecting data about caries prevalence and periodontal diseases.

     The components of this system are: administration, research, quality and performance, recording and analysing patients’ oral status. [1]

     Aim. To estimate the total number of caries cases among a representative group of children between the age of 6 and 18 years, from Sofia.

     Materials and Methods. The study includes 445 children (169 children aged 6-12 years and 276 children aged 13-18) from three schools located in the central part of Sofia. The spread of caries was estimated by using the index of Klein, Palmer & Knutson (1938) - DMFT.

    The criteria of WHO for diagnosis of the hard tooth structures (WHO Oral Health Surveys Basic Methods Geneva, 1997) were met as well as the standards for infection control. Dental mouth mirror and sterile gloves were used under optimal artificial light.

     All students’ parents were required to sign inform consents. The ethical standards for medical research on humans, included in the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association approved by the 18th World Medical Assembly-Helsinki, Finland, 1964 and last amended by the 52nd General World Medical Assembly, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2000 were met.

     The information recorded in individual files that included the age and sex of the student as well as the total number of teeth, affected by caries. The collected data was analysed and indexes were estimated: “Number of patients, affected by caries” - Ep, “number of teeth per patient affected by caries”-Et, intensity of dental caries- DMFT. Statistical data processing was performed by software SPSS for Windows 7.